Daniel Ross

Daniel is a proven leader in developing and executing sales and marketing strategies. His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for people, culture and impact has given him decades of experience in building and managing decentralized teams and leveraging outsourced talent.

He has developed revenue and growth solutions for multiple industries while living and working in Southeast Asia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and his hometown of Spartanburg, SC. These ventures have spanned social enterprise, digital marketing, EdTech, and FinTech. In addition to founding KOLECTIV.co he is also the founder of LIT Coffee, www.brewourcoffee.com, and VP of Business Development for Bucket Technologies.

Daniel believes strongly that… “Life is business and business is life. The more you understand one, you understand the other.”

Simon Behan

Simon Behan has been instrumental in uniting entrepreneurial professionals from around the world and exposing students to the practical applications of education with a focus on innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Simon does this by empowering people to tell their stories in writing. He has seen the impact that words have in helping others follow their dreams and passions by communicating their deep-felt values to their group, tribe, or community.

I help businesses tell their story more effectively using online tools. I help companies carve out a contemporary online presence that increases visibility and allows them to connect with their customers.

Will Osigian

Will Osigian is a young filmmaker specializing in writing, video, photography and editing.

Will believes that all great art comes from the heart, this requires a level of honesty and vulnerability that most creatives aren’t comfortable with. Will’s first real debut into the Asheville film community was his short film Sides which won several laurels and received a high amount of praise.

Will has an eye for real moments, moments that can often be missed or skipped over. He tries to highlight these moments because he believes they are the heart of whatever story he is telling.

Patrick Cahill 

Patrick Cahill is a coach / consultant / architect specializing in marketing, brand strategy & ideation who has helped over 30 brands & entrepreneurs generate growth. He is currently the CMO of Simmons Partner Network and marketing director for 3 related brands which collectively generate over $7 million in revenue.

Previously, Patrick launched a course called The Disruptive School Of Influence™ with @mendeluk, to help influencers grow & monetize their personal brands. He also worked with UK fashion brand @isawitfirst to implement a 400-influencer global campaign that generated over 16 million impressions, over 800,000 engagements and over 20k new followers.

Before this, he coached business owners in digital marketing and personal breakthrough. He first learned online marketing while working at @spirithoods, helping build the company while it grew from $0 to $9 million in revenue in 3 years.

Samuel Effron

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Timothy Allmond

Timothy Allmond cried out when he was born and hasn’t stopped making noise since. He started playing drums at 12 — built his first set out of buckets and scrap metal. He later lied about his age and washed dishes to earn money for his first drum set, which got his family kicked out from the trailer park.

Tim grew up very poor in what is now known as the hood. He dreamed of getting away and proving that he was something special. Ultimately, music was his way out and a way to belong to and understand the world. It was and still is, a way for him to create his world.

Tim has seen a lot, but music grounds him. He plays guitar, harmonica, drums and sings. Tim loves to build new music that is a blend of sounds, then collaborate, give, layer, create and move on.

Rob Wilkins

Rob Wilkins is a gifted storyteller with more than three decades of experience in various media: writing, photography, editing, and video.

He is the recipient of many national awards including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, the World Hunger Media Award, and the Gold Medallion Book Award.

Rob holds fast to the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” He believes shared stories break down walls.

Reid Johnson

Having traveled and lived in several countries Reid is a lover of all things people and culture. His passion and creativity for helping clients succeed is second to none and makes him a the perfect person to lead our creative development and events.

When Reid is not hard at work you can find him with his toes in the sand surfing the day away on the coast or you may just find yourself attending an event in downtown Spartanburg that he has organized.

A lover and advocate for the arts and their positive impacts on a city, Reid has spent the last 3 years creating large-scale events at our home base, the city of Spartanburg, celebrating all things local!